AgriFly Dedicates Webinar Series to Crop Emergencies

[Walnut, Illinois May 7, 2018—] There’s a lot on the line every crop season. In this webinar, we discuss how rescue aerial applications become necessary and how AgriFlyNetwork can help protect the crops you’re responsible for treating.

AgriFlyNetwork is a network of 100+ qualified crop dusters spanning the U.S. who have the flexibility to provide “rescue applications” during crop emergencies.

Each season brings unique challenges to farmers. Wet fields, disease outbreaks, pest outbreaks, acreage consolidation, and aircraft breakdowns all drive demand for aerial applications. Finding a crop duster when all nearby aerial applicators are fully booked, or even held up, can leave ag retailers or farmers in a bind. AgriFlyNetwork provides a viable solution to these challenges by providing access to crop dusters from nearby regions where crop emergencies aren’t being experienced.

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