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Create a Profile

Start by entering your email, password, and name. All your personal information is kept confidential until after you accept a pilot’s quote.

Define Your Job

Specify your type of aircraft, crop, product, application type, target price, acreage quantity, and estimated application date.

Map Your Acreage

Use AgriFly’s GIS mapping software to give pilots a general idea of your crop’s location.

Receive a Quote

Once you accept a pilot’s quote, you and the pilot are invited to finalize logistics of the job within the application’s communications panel.

Ag Retailers

We assist ag retailers with securing professional, qualified cropdusters who can help protect the thousands of acres they're responsible for.


We want to connect with qualified cropdusters who exhibit professionalism in completing work on-time and communicate any issues ahead of time.


Farmers are the real victims of poorly-timed crop applications. We hope AgriFlyNetwork finally gives farmers and their local retailers a choice on who to hire.

Crop Specialists

We realize crop specialists play a significant role in protecting crops by making recommendations that benefit both the retailer and farmer. We welcome crop specialist input.

Max Armstrong Reports on AgriFlyNetwork

On June 8th, AgriFlyNetwork stepped into the national spotlight of RFD-TV’s “This Week in Agribusiness,” seen weekly by more than 250,000 viewers.

Start the Conversation

We have years of experience in securing qualified cropdusters for premier ag retailers and farmers.

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AgriFlyNetwork provides access to a network of 100+ crop dusters spanning the U.S. through the use of a web application geared for ag retailers or farmers in need of a qualified crop duster.

Our expansive network gives you more selection when scouting out a cropduster who is committed to professionalism and on-time application. We're glad to provide online assistance through our web application, or if you'd prefer, we can personally help hand-select a premier cropduster/operator for your most demanding acreage. We hope you'll consider AgriFlyNetwork for your next job!

Do you need a premier cropduster/operator who has adhered to a thorough vetting process involving a background check, license verification, and insurance verification?

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